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Valetudo Horse Products introduces the FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition

Welcome to the next level of equine nutrition with our latest innovation—the FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition. In addition to our well-established Feeding Master Pro solutions for horses and larger pony breeds, we are thrilled to introduce this specialized edition catering specifically to the unique needs of Shetland ponies and other small breeds with a height of up to 1.20m.

FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition
FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition

The FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition is a game-changer, dividing the daily hay intake into hundreds of small portions to mimick natural grazing behavior. With adjustable roughage dosing, owners have the power to effortlessly customize the optimal amount of hay. Whether your pony stands alone or socializes in a group, the FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition seamlessly integrates into various settings—be it the stable, paddock, or on a track. For a comprehensive look at all the specifications, explore the the FeedingMaster ShetlandPony Edition here.

Bid farewell to worries

No more stressing about rushing to the stable or the looming risks of overweight and its associated consequences. With the FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition, you can confidently revel in the joy of having healthy, contented ponies.

Invest in Well-being: Consider it an investment in the happiness of your Shetland or other small ponies up to 1.20m height. The FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition is the ultimate solution for their nutritional needs, ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Limited Pink Edition

FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Limited Pink Edition
FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Limited Pink Edition

For those who want something truly special for their small four-legged companions, we introduce the limited series in pink! The FeedingMaster Pro Shetland Limited Pink Edition adds a touch of flair to functionality.

To conclude Shetland Ponies, once thriving in their Scottish homeland, face unique health challenges in domestic settings due to certain genetic traits. Our special edition acknowledges these challenges, offering a tailored solution designed to meet their distinct needs.

At Valetudo Horse Products we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for the well-being of your beloved equines. Choose the FeedingMaster Pro Shetland Pomny Edition for a happy, healthy future for your pony.

Discover more about our FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition and Limited Pink Edition here.


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