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Article on Choose the FeedingMaster Pro and invest in the

future of your horse. February 2024

Are you seeking an efficient method to nourish your horse? We bring good tidings! Valetudo Horse

Products has pioneered an innovative roughage system, simplifying and enhancing the feeding

process for your equine companion like never before. Delve into the full article on  (in

Dutch) and uncover the myriad benefits of this revolutionary roughage system. After all, your horse

deserves nothing short of excellence!

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FeedingMaster: the innovative feeding system for horses

VOER. December 2023
Full artikel in pdf (Dutch)

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VoerSpecial, December 2023, Front.jpg


Hoefslag, the FeedingMaster, the pasture in your stable






Hoefslag about the FeedingMaster: "Currently the best option to actually spread the amount of available roughage over a 24-hour period."

Full article in pdf (in Dutch)

A summery of why the FeedingMaster is the best way to feed a horse
An article about the FeedingMaster in the Hoefslag magazine
An article about the FeedingMaster in the Hoefslag magazine
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