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Ambassador program

Explore Our Ambassador Program: Share the Joy of Innovative Equine Solutions!

At Valetudo Horse Products we value the excitement and satisfaction our products bring to our users. What's even more rewarding? Welcoming new customers, thanks to the enthusiastic recommendations from our existing users. Your enthusiasm and referrals are the highest praise we can receive!

Why Join Our Ambassador Program?

In our pursuit of innovation, we've revolutionized our approach to advertising and sales. Here's the scoop: if you're a proud user of our BeddingMaster or FeedingMaster and you can't help but rave about them, you're already our ambassador. Spread your excitement among your friends, acquaintances, or fellow horse enthusiasts. Whether you showcase our products in your neighborhood or at the stable, if your recommendation leads to a purchase, we believe you deserve recognition. To sweeten the deal for your friends, they get an exclusive discount on our products when they mention you as their ambassador during the purchase.


How to Become an Ambassador:

Becoming an ambassador is simple! Just shoot us an email expressing your interest. Language barriers are no problem – we've got you covered with the help of Google Translate. Upon approval, we'll provide you with a unique ambassador code. Share this code with your contacts whenever you talk about our BeddingMaster or FeedingMaster. When they use your code during their purchase, they instantly enjoy a discount of 25 EUR (including VAT) per FeedingMaster and 50 EUR (including VAT) per BeddingMaster in their order. As a token of our appreciation, we'll credit your account with 25 EUR (including VAT) per FeedingMaster or 50 EUR (including VAT) per BeddingMaster that's purchased using your code!


Experience Our Products Through Demos:

We often receive inquiries from potential customers eager to see our BeddingMaster and FeedingMaster in action. While our stables are always open to visitors, we understand that a nearby demo might be more convenient. If you're willing to cooperate, we'll connect you with these interested customers as our ambassador. After the demo, make sure to share your ambassador code, and you'll be recognized for your valuable contribution!

Ready to spread the joy of top-notch equine solutions? Join our Ambassador Program and be a part of our innovative community!

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