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Discover the brand-new FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition

Discover the brand-new FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition - specially designed to meet the needs of Shetland ponies and other smaller breeds with a withers height of up to 1.20m. Specific genetic traits that once contributed to the thriving of Shetland Ponies in their Scottish homeland can now pose health challenges when these ponies are kept in domestic environments. Consequently, these petite equines require meticulous care to ensure their well-being and avert metabolic issues, often encountering difficulties such as laminitis and obesity stemming from abundant grass and hay. In response to these challenges, our special edition offers a tailored solution designed to meet their distinct needs.

The FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition divides the daily hay intake into hundreds of small portions, mimicking natural grazing behavior and keeping the digestion of ponies active. With adjustable roughage dosing, owners can effortlessly ensure the optimal amount of hay. Whether your pony stands alone or in a group, this FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition fits perfectly in the stable, paddock, or on a track. View all the specifications of the Shetland Edition here.

No more worries about rushing to the stable and the risks of overweight with all its consequences. With the FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Edition, owners can confidently enjoy having healthy, contented ponies. Invest in the well-being of your Shetland or other ponies and discover the ultimate solution for their nutritional needs.

FeedingMaster Pro ShetlandPony Limited Pink Edition

For those seeking something special for their small four-legged companion in the stable, there is a limited series available in pink!

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