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A clean stable, quickly and easily

By using the BeddingMaster you can more effectively and efficiently clean the stable and this becomes a less tedious job. Both you and your horse will enjoy this. Your horse gets a drier bed which is better for his overall health. In addition, you save time, litter and therefore money!

Save costs

In our stables we save 30% on our litter. That is more than 2000 euros per year for 14 horses! We also have much less waste, so there is much less manure to dispose of.

More time for your horses

Cleaning the stables with a BeddingMaster is much faster than sifting the manure out of the litter by hand. With a BeddingMaster we clean a stable in 2 minutes, by hand it takes more than 5 minutes. We prefer to spend this time with our horses!

Multiple BeddingMasters ready for shipment
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