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How to install a FeedingMaster?

The manual explains step-by-step how to install the FeedingMaster. It will take you about an hour of work, 2 hours if you have to connect a socket. Your horse will then enjoy many hours of fun!


The free mounting space for mounting the FeedingMaster must be at least 700x850x850mm (DxWxH). The walls must be flat and there should be nothing hanging or protruding, such as a food or water bowl. The FeedingMaster should be placed a maximum of 5cm from a corner or a minimum of 50cm from a corner of the horse box and is mounted on a wall with the supplied brackets and screws. The wall must be sturdy and made of a hard material such as concrete or hardwood, possibly equipped with ventilation slots. In a paddock it is also possible to place 2 posts firmly in the ground and place a sheet of waterproof plywood against them. The dimensions of the plate must then be (at least) 1m wide and 90cm high. Preferably place the FeedingMaster against the front wall of the horse box where the door is also located. Your horse will then stand with its head towards you during feeding, which is safer when you enter the horse box.

Grounded socket

The FeedingMaster is connected to an earthed socket. For this purpose it is equipped with a 5 meter connection cable. Do you need more connecting cable? You can order an extra long connection cable in the shop.

Install the power cable

You place this power cable out of the reach of your horse, this can be done in various ways:

  • If you have rubber stable tiles, you can place the power cable under the tiles between the studs.

  • Place a 16mm impact-resistant (grey) installation pipe in the corner from wall to floor or wall to wall and secure it with brackets. You put the power cable through the tube so that your horse cannot reach it. The plug on the FeedingMaster can easily be removed for this purpose.

  • If you are building a new stable, it is preferable to lay ground cables in the ground and provide the stable with an installation box where the FeedingMaster will be located.


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