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How does the FeedingMaster work for horses in groups?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The width of the grid of a FeedingMaster is tailored to be used by one horse. If two horses want to eat from the FeedingMaster at the same time, they cannot stand directly in front of the FeedingMaster, so the bars of the grid are not in line with the eating movement. In that case, your horse will eat across several bars and will have difficulty grasping roughage with its lips. In practice we see that the most dominant horse stands straight in front of the FeedingMaster and number two has to stand even more diagonally and then eat even less easily. Or that the dominant horse chases away number two and only uses the FeedingMaster.

Without a FeedingMaster, this is usually prevented by offering roughage in two or more places, depending on how many horses are in a group. Some models of the FeedingMaster can be equipped with an optional synchronization module so that they all offer synchronous roughage. The first FeedingMaster is connected to an earthed socket, this FeedingMaster determines when roughage is offered. A second FeedingMaster is then connected to the first with a synchronization cable and will start offering roughage at the same time as the first.

A maximum of 5 FeedingMasters can be linked together so that 5 horses can eat roughage at the same time without feeding envy. If you order a synchronization cable, the synchronization module will already be installed for you in the FeedingMasters from your order, so you do not have to install it yourself.


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