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WIN-WIN situation; review FeedingMaster Pro and FeedingMaster Pro Shetlander Edition

Monique Plant, owner of Stal de Vrijheid we received this review. Thank you very much Monique, for sharing your experience, and of course for allowing your Sirion to shine in our promotional video. We completely understand that Sirion wanted one for himself too 😀.

January 2024, Review FeedingMaster Pro and FeedingMaster Pro Shetlander Edition by Monique Plant, owner of Stal de Vrijheid

Due to health issues, I meticulously measured the hay for my ponies, ensuring they received it 6 to 8 times a day to prevent them from being without hay for extended periods. Managing this routing proved to be labor-intensive, demanding a well-coordinated schedule involving my boyfriend, father and myself. The turning point came when I discover the FeedingMaster through a promotional video showcasing its effectiveness with my ShetlandPony.


Observering the system in operation sparked my interest and prompted me to reconsider my approach.


How wonderful it would be to fill just once a day for the next 24 to 36 hours! What an incredible time-saving advantage, eliminating the need for meticulous scheduling.

The FeedingMaster offers me such newfound freedom.


Stal de Vrijheid

While it represents a substantial investment, the value derived from it is more than justified. Currently, we only need to fill our three FeedingMasters once a day, ensuring that our ponies never go without hay.

We've selected unique settings for each pony, considering their individual eating speeds.

This is the beauty of the system - it allows for complete customization tailored to the specific needs of your pony or horse.

Initially, I had concerns that they might linger around the FeedingMaster, but this tendency decreases over time; now, we observe them joyfully roaming around the paddock once more.

Furthermore, I've noticed that the ponies are much more at ease during hay feeding. They no longer stand around waiting for us.

In summary, it brings peace to both the ponies and me, ensuring a constant supply of hay and never leaving them without. Thus, it's truly a WIN-WIN situation!


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