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We're not at home, who feeds the horses?


We are often at home, because we like to be at home with our animals, but you cannot avoid it, you have to go out sometimes. An appointment is never final with us, it is only when we have a babysitter. A sitter for the horses, because yes, the horses have to be fed otherwise they will have stomach acid.

The FeedingMaster feeds the horses

We don't need a babysitter anymore! We can leave home with peace of mind when the horses are in the stable. They have a FeedingMaster!

When the horses come from the pasture, they have enough roughage for 24 hours. So we can travel without any worries. We no longer have to ask neighbors or friends to come feed the horses or arrange a paid babysitter. During holidays we are not the first to get up to leave for home or to drive home in between to feed the horses, our horses are provided.

Of course we continue to keep an eye on things, we still make an evening round to see if everything is okay, but whether that is at 11 o'clock or 2 o'clock at night, it no longer matters.


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