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The story of an English Thoroughbred

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Evelien contacted us at the time to see if the FeedingMaster could be a solution for her English Thoroughbred due to his restlessness. After a demo at our stable, she was convinced and has now had a FeedingMaster in her stable for 2 months and a satisfied horse that has found its peace. We are grateful to share her story with you in her own words.

June 2020, Evelien

For 2 years now we have been the proud owners of a beautiful English Thoroughbred, now 13 years old. We bought it fresh from the race track, where it worked for 8 years. In those 8 years he has always been kept very light, so that he could race fast.

From the beginning that he was with us, he walked many laps in his stable. Every month he lost an iron as a result, or irons became loose. He was grumpy and a bit restless. Which made us feel restless again. Something was wrong with him, but what?

We have tried everything with nutrition, grazing and training. Then again he gained some weight, then again he lost weight. Then restless again, then not again. While looking for a solution, we came across the FeedingMaster.

Evelien and her English Thoroughbred
Evelien and her English Thoroughbred

After some consultation, we purchased this at the beginning of May 2020. And now, mid-June 2020, there is a completely different horse in the stable. He had to get used to the bottom sinking away. That took about 2 weeks. He eats as much hay as necessary and is given grazing in a non-greasy pasture. After a month the grumpiness decreased significantly. He has become calm and approachable. It is also important that he no longer runs laps in his stable. He has been wearing the same horseshoes for 6 weeks!

It is a small, but fun, quest to find out what amounts our horse needs. Hay can vary in nutritional value. But all in all it can already be said that the

FeedingMaster is truly a pasture in your horse's stable!


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