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Super relaxed horses. I couldn't live without the FeedingMaster!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

We received the following review from Marja. We are happy that you like the FeedingMaster so much!

April 2022, Review FeedingMaster by Marja v.d. Fields

Review FeedingMaster by Marja v.d. Fields

By chance I came across Valetudo Horse Products via Facebook. I started reading the reviews first. And I saw the review of an almost neighbor who was so happy with the FeedingMaster for her Icelanders. My attention was now completely drawn and I started talking to her. I'm now using the FeedingMaster for 3 months for our big man and little Shetlander. What peace and quiet, they have food all day long and are a lot calmer. Eat something and walk around. We have an open stable, they can go in or out whenever they want. No more stress about being able to feed on time, which sometimes happened when I worked all day. The delivery almost went wrong due to a communication error, but it was handled really well by Valetudo Horse Products, so that the FeedingMaster was delivered on the right day. I couldn't live without it anymore. Because we have 2 different sizes of horses, we have chosen the largest. This also works great, calm, relaxed horses. The Shetlander has lost weight and is maintaining good weight, our big man is also doing great. Learning to eat from the FeedingMaster was also quickly mastered. There is actually no negative point to mention, I can only tell that I'm very happy with the purchase.


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