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Review FeedingMaster: Horses satisfied, owners satisfied!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

We received the following enthusiastic review from the FeedingMaster from Tessa Kelder and Martien Borg of Zorg & Woonboerderij 't Boerenerf. We are grateful for the trust placed in us for the delivery of 4 FeedingMasters.

January 2021, Review FeedingMaster by Zorg & residential farm 't Boerenerf.

We have been looking for a good and reliable hay feeding system for our horses for a long time. When we fed the horses they quickly devoured all the hay. That is/was what we didn't want, because they wouldn't get any hay for a very long time until the next feeding. We tried hay nets, which our horses emptied quite quickly. Then we purchased plastic containers with a grid in them. They even emptied this quickly. They either stood in it or dragged the box through the stable, with all the dangers that entailed. The option of giving them hay several times a day didn't really work either. And what about in the evening and at night? After the products that failed for us, we came across the FeedingMaster from Valetudo Horse Products on Facebook.

Review FeedingMaster: Horses satisfied, owners satisfied!

Our horses are generally kept indoors in winter because of the wet pasture. They do go into the paddock for a while every day. This might be something for us and our horses. After we saw the video, we contacted Jan from Valetudo Horse Products.

We asked questions whether this was really the case and whether it could withstand a knock and whether the FeedingMaster was easy to set up, etc. We were treated kindly and the explanation was clear and decisive for us. It would also be a solution for us during the summer period, because our horses are kept indoors at night. Keep in mind whether this was really all the way it was explained.

However, after contact, the confidence was so great that we ordered 4 FeedingMasters that same evening. We had agreed with Jan to pick them up ourselves, so that he could explain and we could see the FeedingMaster in operation. After a few days on December 5, our FeedingMasters were ready and we could pick them up. The hospitable welcome and clear explanations from both Jan and his enthusiastic partner Janine were clear to us. Loaded the FeedingMasters and headed home. The butter letter received in connection with Santa Clause did well!

FeedingMaster: our experience

Installed the FeedingMasters after the weekend. These are neatly mounted on the wall. And then the exciting part, how do the horses react to it? First, after filling, put some loose hay on top so that they slowly understood what the intention was. Our Frisian proved that they can really take a beating. At first she did not understand that the hay kept coming back. She didn't really accept that and started hitting the grill with her hoof. We have only seen and heard this once. After that she got used to it very quickly.

We are now 6 to 7 weeks further and are full of praise for this system. Finally something that is good for our horses and for us. The idea that they can have hay all day long with small breaks built in. We have 4 FeedingMasters for 4 horses. The setting is different for each horse. This can easily be adjusted to the horse's needs. You quickly learn to deal with this.

They are a lot calmer when they are mucking out. Previously they could sometimes be restless. The manure is much better digested. There is a horse that was quite lethargic in the stable, and everything was mixed up. This is going a lot better now and he keeps the stable a lot tidier.

Finally: We have 2 Frisian foals. These now receive unlimited hay. But as soon as they are ready, we will definitely purchase 2 more FeedingMasters. A top product for us and our horses.

In short: Horses satisfied, owners satisfied!


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