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Review FeedingMaster: A healthy weight

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

The FeedingMaster has been developed to imitate your horse's natural food intake as closely as possible and to provide it with food as quietly and consistently as possible during the period that your horse is in the stable. After all, your horse's stomach and intestines are designed to be continuously active 24 hours a day. An empty stomach is also a painful experience for your horse as the horse's stomach continuously produces stomach acid. We notice that many customers also purchase the FeedingMaster to get and keep their horses at a healthy weight. After all, there are plenty of horses that become too fat from unlimited roughage. Attached is the story of Jorine from Living Aroha.

July 2020, Jorine

Review FeedingMaster: A healthy weight

I had been looking for a suitable feeding solution for my two frugal mares for quite some time. The various slow feeders were always empty too quickly and offering large quantities was not an option. With the FeedingMaster I can ensure that they do not eat too much and do not go without for too long. My camargue is back to a good weight for the first time in years and my little tinker is also going in the right direction. For myself, the FeedingMaster is nice and easy to use. One filling and we can go another day. In addition, it just gives me so much peace at night now that I no longer have to worry about whether the horses still have food. All in all, I am very satisfied and happy with the FeedingMaster.


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