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Review FeedingMaster

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

At the beginning of this year, we developed a special version of the FeedingMaster for Icelandic Horses at the request of Arja and her husband Roel. The how and why can be read in the attached article. At that time we supplied the FeedingMasters for the stable and in June we were also able to supply FeedingMasters for the paddock. We are proud of the trust placed in us. So time for a review, written by Arja herself.

June 2020, FeedingMaster review by Arja Schuurmans

My name is Arja Schuurmans. I compete 4 Icelandic horses in competitions, usually in the Netherlands and Germany. Currently, Falur (T1 and V1) and Lugh (T2) are the best known. They certainly do not win the championship title every year, but a medal at the National Championships is usually feasible for both.

Arja with Lugh in the paddock using a FeedingMaster
Arja with Lugh in the paddock

A paddock with FeedingMasters
A paddock with FeedingMasters

I have been looking for a good feeding system for years with which the hay supply is well distributed throughout the day, but certainly over the night. I find this very important from a horse welfare and health perspective. We've tried everything over the years, but it was always far from perfect. However, the FeedingMaster is a fantastic solution! You can set the feeding intervals in length and interruption time and thus feed in doses per horse.

Because Icelanders are different from “big horses” (smaller and more sober), a separate version has been developed for them with an adapted grille so that it fits well with their mouth size and the grille does not cause wear on the teeth. In addition, the software has been adjusted to allow shorter feeding intervals to allow for more frugal feeding without leaving them with an empty stomach. This prevents stomach problems that often occur (unnoticed).

Our horses quickly got used to it. There is more peace in the stable, even when we come inside, because we no longer come to feed. So it remains quiet. It is easier to keep the horses slim and if they have become fatter due to eating more grass, they can lose weight responsibly, as there are no longer longer fasting periods.

During the day, our horses spend a short time on pasture in partially covered sand paddocks. There I fed a bunch of hay every 1.5 hours. As a result, I rarely left home for long periods of time. After the first good experiences in the stable, we have now also purchased the FeedingMaster for the paddocks. They are now provided with hay or grazing around the clock. And I can leave home more easily with peace of mind. What freedom and reassurance!

FeedingMaster review by Arja Schuurmans


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