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Fleur has not had colic since the introduction of the FeedingMaster

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Although all our horses benefit from the FeedingMaster, there is one horse in particular that cannot do without the FeedingMaster, especially during the winter period. Our Fleur, an 8 year old Oldenburg mare with an extremely sensitive digestive system.

If the weather changes, for example rain after drought, the first frost, the first green grass or even a change of pasture (with the same special horse grass) then you can set the clock, Fleur will get gas colic.

Horse Fleur has colic again
Fleur has colic again


We have now lost count, so many times we have had the vet come because Fleur had gas colic, especially in changeable weather. We pay close attention to nutrition, we change pastures every hour and we still get it right every time. It is very sad to see how much pain she is in every time. In a single winter, Fleur had 7 to 8 attacks of gas colic from November to March, ranging from severe to very severe.

Admission to the horse clinic

In March, Fleur had a very serious colic attack. Medication and treatment with paraffin did not help sufficiently. During the third vet visit, Fleur also developed a fever. It was then decided to take her to the clinic late at night for the very best care. We didn't want to think about losing dear Fleur. Ultimately, Fleur spent a week at the clinic before she was fit enough to go home again.

Touching reunion with Fleur in the horse clinic
Touching reunion with Fleur in the horse clinic

Sensitive digestive system

Apart from attacks of colic, Fleur's tummy is certainly a concern, as she suffers from gas and gurgling more than half the year. That often makes driving not an option because connecting is sensitive. We often start with lunge work, because exercise is good for her, it also helps her lose gas.

Fleur and the FeedingMaster; no more colic!

In the meantime, the first FeedingMaster had been successfully put into use at Valetudo Stables. It was clear to us that the next FeedingMaster would go to Fleur to support her sensitive digestive system. Our expectations have been far exceeded. Fleur has no longer had colic since she has had access to roughage in a controlled manner (i.e. not indefinitely stuffing or without standing) and has no longer had colic.

She can cope much better with the transition in weather conditions and changes in the (horse) grass and the transition from the stable to the pasture. Her digestive system no longer stands still when she is in the stable, but continues to move. She is happier and has almost no gas problems anymore. Girthing and working under saddle have also improved because she feels good about herself and is much less bothered by her sensitive stomach.

Let's knock it off, but Fleur has now been colic-free for 3 years! Now that I am writing this, I have tears in my eyes, because I have been so concerned about her, how we have watched over her, cared for her, kept an eye on her continuously during the difficult seasons. But it's true, things are going well! It is so nice to see Fleur "grazing" in her box. The FeedingMaster is her guardian angel and rightly the pasture in her stable.

Fleur has a FeedingMaster!

Of course, colic cannot always be prevented, so we cannot rule out that Fleur will one day develop a form of colic again. Because she can now consume continuous controlled food, her digestion is much more resistant to influences such as weather, change of pasture and the transition from indoors to outdoors.

Another fun fact, Fleur is the horse in the FeedingMaster demo video.


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