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FeedingMaster: satisfied horse, satisfied person!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

We received the following nice review about the FeedingMaster from Jasmijn. Jasmijn can now dose 3.5 to 4 kg of roughage through hundreds of feedings over 24 hours. Just right for a cold-blooded horse like the Icelandic. As can be seen in the photos, a FeedingMaster can also be installed outdoors under a roof. Thank you for sharing your experience.

November 2021, FeedingMaster review by Jasmijn

Jasmijn's Icelander with the FeedingMaster
Jasmijn's Icelander with the FeedingMaster

After the demonstration of horse Fleur and the extensive explanation from Jan van Valetudo Horse Products B.V. we were sold, this is what we were looking for! From filling hay nets four times a day to filling the FeedingMaster once a day.

I found the first week exciting, is our Icelandic eating enough and will he really get used to it? The consultation with Jan about this was pleasant and quick, so that together we quickly found the correct settings of the FeedingMaster for our Icelandic dog and my doubts disappeared.

Our Icelandic can now comfortably eat small amounts all day and night, without overfeeding. Something we couldn't achieve with the hay nets.

Satisfied horse, satisfied person!


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