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FeedingMaster review: Diva can go back to the pasture!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

We received the following review about the FeedingMaster from Marguerita Fidder, owner of Diva. We are happy that Diva can now go out to pasture again thanks to the support that the FeedingMaster provides for her digestion. Thank you very much to Marguerita for this nice review.

June 2021, FeedingMaster review by Marguerita Fidder

After 2.5 years of worrying about Diva's health, I finally discovered that stomach acid was the problem. Diva often had vague colic complaints. I thought this was from eating the grass. But even without eating grass due to a change in the weather, she could suddenly get colic. Also not forward when driving, against the leg. At the time I thought this was because when I bought her nothing was done with her anymore.

Tried various supplement treatments but it only worked for a short time. I briefly considered selling her as a broodmare because I was desperate and couldn't put my finger on it. Until a vet pointed out to me that the stomach was the problem. Even though she looked fantastic with her shiny apple coat, there was something behind it. First started with a natural stomach supplement. That improved somewhat, but she still came back with riding.

Started the FeedingMaster five weeks ago. I noticed a difference in just 2 days! Giving with the leg is no longer annoying, even now sometimes too forward in the forest. Even though I gave roughage 7 times during the day, this was still not enough. It gives me peace of mind that I add hay once a day and that she gets food in doses for 24 hours. Diva is also much happier in the stable. But also important: she is also back on the grass next to the paddock!

Diva can go back to the pasture!
Diva can go back to the pasture!

Diva using the FeedingMaster
Diva using the FeedingMaster


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