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FeedingMaster: Both ponies are no longer bothered by manure water.

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Wow what a difference in behavior and health. Both ponies no longer suffer from manure water.

We received a nice review about the FeedingMaster from Petra Kruize, paraveterinarian and owner of PK Diertherapie. We are happy that the FeedingMaster has been so popular with the ponies.

March 2021, Review FeedingMaster by Petra Kruize from PK Diertherapie.

My 4 ponies have access to walk-in stables at our home and outside there is a part sand paddock and part a paved area. Ever since I first had the Shets here at home, I had been looking for a suitable slow feeder. I have tried everything from special hay nets to a wheelie bin with a hole at the bottom and a grid in front of it, but nothing worked or stayed intact!

Ultimately, I spent years feeding with an iron slow feeder, an iron container with a grid and underneath a plate that was continuously pulled against the grid with springs. Since they had it so empty and it therefore lacked its effect, I had extra bars made between them. I gave hay in the slow feeder and in different places on the ground as often as I could, but during the day when I had to work this was also gone after a few hours, after which they had nothing left for the rest of the day, so logical but annoying. started working on the woodwork (see photo).

FeedingMaster: Both ponies are no longer bothered by manure water.

I had already seen the FeedingMaster a number of times, but I thought it was a plastic container with a display on the front, they are so broken. Ultimately, I was warmly welcomed by Jan and Janine to take a detailed look at the FeedingMaster. I decided to purchase the FeedingMasters and boy am I happy with them. Of course, they had to get used to it when the hay fell down, but it did not mean that they became very restless. The first three days they put their teeth in the plastic box, but apart from a few scratches the box cannot be broken. It was already after 1 day that I saw a difference in behavior when they saw me, but they were also more relaxed when I started filling the FeedingMaster. It also makes a huge difference in terms of health. During the day I work as a veterinary assistant and I also have my own company where I treat horses with salt therapy. So I am always concerned with animal health. My 2 younger ponies had been suffering from manure water that drained from their anus during the day for a long time. Also tried everything in consultation with the vet, but nothing helped. The FeedingMasters have been here for 6 weeks now and miraculously this problem has now completely disappeared for the past week and a half. Really happy with it!!


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