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Reduce stable vices and heartburn with the FeedingMaster

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Reduce stable vices and heartburn with the FeedingMaster

Our young mare Kyra started when she was three years old, in the summer. We had been hearing a strange noise for several days in the early mornings, around 5:30 am. All stable windows are open when the weather is nice. When we looked out the window, we were shocked to see that she was scraping her teeth back and forth along the window frame. Even though we still feed the horses around midnight so that they go without food for as short a time as possible due to stomach acid, this happened. This went on for a few weeks.

That is why Kyra was the first horse from Valetudo Stables to have a FeedingMaster in her box. We soon noticed that after a few weeks Kyra was eating relaxed in her box, the peace itself. The other horses, normally always relaxed in our eyes, were less calm compared to her. The continuous

Providing roughage turned out to be an even greater positive effect than we initially imagined

realized. All horses have now been added

Valetudo Stables has its own FeedingMaster.


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