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Is the FeedingMaster a slow feeder?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

The FeedingMaster is not a slow feeder. The FeedingMaster is much more than that, a Natural Feeder. This is because it imitates natural conditions by providing roughage in a constant and controlled manner.

If a horse can eat hay indefinitely, the amount can increase to 3 kg per hour. An adult horse needs approximately 9 kg of roughage per day, so the horse will gobble up its daily amount in three hours! A slow feeder does indeed slow this down slightly to 1 kg per hour, but then the daily required amount is still eaten in 9 hours. Halfway through the night the horse has stomach acid again, in addition to the fact that he has stuffed himself, which is also difficult on the digestion.

The FeedingMaster takes short breaks during eating, allowing you to adjust the amount your horse eats, depending on the composition of the roughage and the amount of daily grazing. The latter involves different breaks depending on which grass is on the meadow (rich spring grass or sparse winter grass). Even with the maximum adjustable pause, your horse will never have an empty stomach and will therefore not produce excess stomach acid. Your horse learns that food is always offered again, which helps prevent your horse from producing stress hormones. You can read more about self-regulation and the FeedingMaster in this blog post.

Is the FeedingMaster a slow feeder?


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