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An oasis of peace

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Before all horses had a FeedingMaster, they were much busier the moment we entered the stable. That was the signal for food! There will be feeding. This manifested itself in restless scraping, neighing, tossing the head, walking in circles or, in the case of one of our mares, the ears in the neck. She had already developed an envy for food elsewhere.

This is in stark contrast to now. There is now an oasis of peace when we come to the stable. The horses are all happily grazing with their FeedingMaster or waiting for the FeedingMaster to become active again. They now look around quietly, eat, sleep or ask to be petted in a calm manner.

The horses have peace, inner peace. Their basic necessity of life, continuous food available, has been met. Even if they are allowed to go out to pasture, they occasionally require attention. After all, a FeedingMaster that is active, as a horse, you cannot simply walk away from it. It is not without reason that the FeedingMaster is "The pasture in your stable".

An oasis of peace when using a FeedingMaster


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