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The FeedingMaster Pro brings a lot of peace to us and our pony

Thank you Irma for sharing your experience with FeedingMaster Pro.

December 2023, Review FeedingMaster Pro by Irma Mulder

Our D pony Feline is allowed about 6 kilos of hay per day. I divided this over 4 feeding sessions. She got the last 2 kilos at 10 p.m. By midnight she had already emptied the slow feeder and was then left without roughage until 7:30/8 am. That is actually far too long a period without roughage.

Since our pony is allowed 6 kg of hay per 24 hours, she can last almost 2 days with a large FeedingMaster content of 12 kilos. Feline is very focused on food and very fierce when it comes to feeding. Because she can now eat small amounts throughout the day, she is now less irritated. She also stands peacefully outside in her paddock, 10 meters away from the FeedingMaster, because she quickly realized that new supply of hay is always coming. The other horses are also relaxed.

It gives a lot of peace of mind to only have to do this every other day instead of filling hay nets four times a day. Of course I still check on the horses in the morning and evening 😇.


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